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  • Australian Barramundi expedition

    It was a trip I had been looking forward to for a long time. Although I had lived in Australia (Melbourne) for 17 years, I had never traveled up North to try and catch … Read More

  • Felipe Yueng Garcia: Poco Pero Suficiente pt.1(Spanish)

    Los últimos dos reportes, he dicho “después de algun tiempo vuelvo a tener tiempo”.Hoy es la tercera vez que lo digo y al parecer la vencida. El trabajo se volvió algo demandante y era … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Land Based Yellowtail

    When the conditions are right, some species are an almost certain catch. Blackfin seabass for example are one of those species. Although this season was one of the worst seasons yet, through my experiences … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: magazine shoot2015

    The black fin seabass season this year has been the worst it has been since I can remember. There is usually a period between December to January where the fish are reluctant to bite. … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Mag shoot

    On an island approx 100kg south of my hometown, there is a paradise where few fishermen are able to access these remote rocks. I had wanted to go to this island for a long … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Shinmushi – ultimate bug lure

    Spring with the taste of summer is here. The weather is finally warm, nature is full of life and bugs are all around. Insects make up a significant part of the diet of fish. … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Conditions improving

    On a perfectly rough day where anglers “would” or “should” stay home and play with their fishing tackle or their kids, we were out on the rocks again trying to find the black fin. … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Realis Rozante 63SP(Spanish)

    Se abrió por fin el domingo 1ro., la primera temporada de robalo del año en la Florida, momento que muchos esperan con los equipos listos, después de las fiestas de fin de año. El … Read More

  • Markos Vidalis: Saltwater surface games with Realis Pencil

    It’s been almost 2 years in which I constantly use the Realis Pencil in the Mediterranean! During this time I had the chance to use it in different sea environments and conditions, so by … Read More

  • Felipe Yueng Garcia: Un respiro…(Spanish)

    Después de casi dos meses de mucho trabajo faeneros y proyectos personales, pude coincidir con buenas condiciones para salir a pescar. Esto me hace recordar cuando estudiaba y tenía casi todo el tiempo para … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: tough times

    The land based blue runner fishing is a tough challenge….. Well, it has been for me this past season with basically little to no contact from the fish. But when that rare opportunity presents … Read More

  • old timer

    I am not sure whether this applies to other fish species from around the world, but for the blackfin seabass, there is a time of year where they only take top water lures. This … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Realis Spinbait 90(Spanish)

    No hay dudas que el 2014 ha sido un buen año para DUO y para el Realis Spinbait90,? el mayor de una mortal trilogía y responsable de ganar importantes torneos en todo el mundo, … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Tide Minnow Slim 140(Spanish)

    Una fuerte niebla insistía en mantener fría la mañana, el sol empezaba asomarse. La playa desierta comenzó a tomar vida sin que el termómetro lograra sobrepasar los 13 grados centígrados. No había viento, lo … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Kingfish almost started

    With the cold fronts rolling in, its about that time of year. The sleepless days begin with the endless pursuit of the Land-based Yellow-tail or Kingfish season starting in my local waters.? Once the … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Realis Crank M62 5A(Spanish)

    Había escuchado que se requirieron los mejores materiales para el proyecto nuevo, de muchos meses de pruebas en varias aguas. Del empeño de DUO para que los pescadores exigentes pudieran contar con la herramienta … Read More


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