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  • Markos Vidalis: The Flexibility of Weight

    Weight! A force born on the same day earth created and gives it a greedy character. Weight is important on our everyday life! More weight on us make chicks go away, less attracts them, … Read More

  • Ezequiel Romandetto: My first bass

    One of my “eluding fish” has always been bass. I do not have any of the DUO`s bass line lures, but it did not stop me from trying some of the other smaller SW … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Spearhead Ryuki 70S

    It is not the first time I talk series Spearhead series – I consider it flagship among DUO`s freshwater proposal and this time I specifically want to focus on Ryuki 70S, 10 mm shorter … Read More

  • Ezequiel Romandetto: Sprint Time

    Light weight Fishing If we talk about Lure 4×4 the Tide Minnow Sprint 75 is one that without doubt should not be missed. Due to its universal side, this lure is very atractive for … Read More

  • Ezequiel Romandetto: Terrific Time

    Terrif DC-7 Bullet is without doubt the best friend one can have in their fishing box –  don`t be fooled by its size. This little lure is ideal for shallow water and thanks to … Read More

  • Australian Barramundi Expedition: Movie

    Here is the footage of the Australian barramundi expedition. In brief, it was a successful mission considering the weather conditions. We were out to test some of the samples of the FangOps series in … Read More

  • Ezequiel Romandetto: Debut with Aomasa

    Después de leer, escuchar y ver al fin llego la tan ansiada hora, estrenar los Rough Trail Aomasa 148 y en estilo de pesca que más disfruto y al que creo que mas reto … Read More

  • Felipe Yueng Garcia: From the sea to the river

    Some time ago, I had been preparing for the season of salmonids, specifically trout for my area, with which I armed myself with an ultra light equipment to catch them in spinning mode as … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Tetra Works Yurameki

    With reports from several countries on the topic of rockfishing, you know that “micro” lures and the use of light equipment are trending. DUO has a wide range of items applicable to LRF movement, … Read More

  • Black fin begins

    With last season being the worst one yet, I was anxious to see how this season was going to turn out. After a couple of sessions with no fish, I was starting to get … Read More

  • Australian Barramundi expedition

    It was a trip I had been looking forward to for a long time. Although I had lived in Australia (Melbourne) for 17 years, I had never traveled up North to try and catch … Read More

  • Felipe Yueng Garcia: Poco Pero Suficiente pt.1(Spanish)

    Los últimos dos reportes, he dicho “después de algun tiempo vuelvo a tener tiempo”.Hoy es la tercera vez que lo digo y al parecer la vencida. El trabajo se volvió algo demandante y era … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Land Based Yellowtail

    When the conditions are right, some species are an almost certain catch. Blackfin seabass for example are one of those species. Although this season was one of the worst seasons yet, through my experiences … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: magazine shoot2015

    The black fin seabass season this year has been the worst it has been since I can remember. There is usually a period between December to January where the fish are reluctant to bite. … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Mag shoot

    On an island approx 100kg south of my hometown, there is a paradise where few fishermen are able to access these remote rocks. I had wanted to go to this island for a long … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Shinmushi – ultimate bug lure

    Spring with the taste of summer is here. The weather is finally warm, nature is full of life and bugs are all around. Insects make up a significant part of the diet of fish. … Read More


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