Our History

The story of DUO
Over 20 Years of Japanese Artistry & Craftsmanship

DUO was established as a fishing tackle distributor in the year 1995 when president Hisahiro Matsushita went independent and started his own company. The lure business of the 90's was severely influenced by the Japanese recession. However, DUO never compromised its principles and did not give up on the initial concept of making products of the highest quality. -Adhering to this principle, even at a time when the majority of companies switched to foreign factories for cheaper labor cost, DUO did not abandon the production in Japan for the inferior production in the overseas market.

Two years after the launch of the company, sales revolving around products created at the hands of Mr. Masahiro Adachi, one of the most acclaimed young designers in the country, were commenced.

Now in its third decade, DUO is a widely recognised brand in Japan's fishing industry, a country largely seen as the pinnacle of lure manufacturing.

DUO's chief designer and current CEO, Mr. Masahiro Adachi is well-known for keeping true to the height of basic performance and also has a world reputation for producing magnificent lures in which simple beauty is combined with outstanding performance.

By the year 2016, DUO's range of products included over 300 models and the number of lures sold reached over 20 million units. In addition, since 1999 the company has also been active in the field of OEM, supplying products to some of the top brands in Japan, as well as enjoying its own success.

  1. 1995~

    The company is founded as fishing tackle distributor by Hiroshi Matsushita in 1995. Bringing in the current president Masahiro Adachi, the business focus of the company shifts to “total package” manufacturing, handling all the stages from design & development through planning and production all the way to sales. To accommodate the new business format, DUO establishes a production base in Yaizu, Shizuoka prefecture becoming one of only a handful of domestic lure manufacturers. Full in-house production from assembly to painting is commenced.

    The first original model Press Bait 85(the first version) is released in May 1996.
  2. 1997

    A centrifugal casting machine is introduced to achieve in-house production of metal jigs and molded weights.
    Introduction of four new brands - Tide Minnow for seabass, Grace Minnow for trout, Hacker for bass and metal jig brand Drag Metal.
    1997 Product Release:
    • Drag Metal
    • Grace Minnow 120
    • Hacker 80
    • Hatanpo Twins
    • Press Bait 100
    • Splasher 100/120
    • Tide Minnow Lipless
    • Tide Minnow Slim 120
  3. 1998

    As the first in the industry, we introduce high-precision three-dimensional measuring machinery to build our trademark molding system that combines digital precision and craftsmanship.
    Sales of Tide Minnow Slim 120 and Slaver Vib 75 achieve record figures. Each lure becomes an icon for saltwater resp. freshwater fishing.
    1998 Product Release:
    • Grace Minnow Deep 105
    • Hacker Cranking Minnow 105
    • Hacker Jerking Minnow 120
    • Slaver Pencil 85/100
    • Slaver Vib 75
    • Tide Minnow 120SR
  4. 1999

    Hacker`s Slaver Vib 65 is released with the industry`s first non-circular oval shaped eye.
    Hacker`s Slaver series experiences a big breakthrough at Lake Biwa and Kasumigaura and explodes in popularity.
    1999 Product Release:
    • Slaver Shad 55SR/DR
    • Slaver Vib 55/65
    • SO-V
    • Tide Minnow 105SR/SSR
    • Tide Minnow 120SSR/LD
    • Tide Vib 65/75
  5. 2000

    Tide Minnow 75 debuts with the industry`s first oval ultra realistic eye.
    Hacker`s Slaver Chug is a centerpiece in fishing magazine`s “lure development” series covering the process of from prototype all the way to the release, attracting high attention.
    2000 Product Release:
    • Grace Minnow Deep 90
    • Hacker Cranking Minnow 090
    • Slaver Chug
    • Slaver Crank 475SSR/55SR/55MDR
    • Slaver Vib 75 Tungsten
    • SO-V 100
    • SO-V Slim
    • Tide Minnow Slim 90/105SR/135SSR
    • Tide Minnow 75F/CD
    • Tide Minnow 90/140SSR
    • Tide Minnow 90F/CD
  6. 2001
    DUO partners with France`s Ultimate Fishing, who began to handle the sales for EU, and commences international sales. The breakthrough product, Tide Minnow 135SR, is found to be very effective for Atlantic seabass fishing.
    Annual production quantity reaches 600,000 pieces.
    2001 Product Release:
    • Hacker Cranking Minnow 075
    • Slaver SD Crank 63SSR/MDR
    • Slaver Vib 65 Tungsten
    • SO-V 75/85
    • Tide Minnow Slim 135SR
    • Tide Pencil 100
  7. 2002

    The acquisition of a new factory (900 square meters) in Yaizu, which currently serves as DUO headquarters, doubles the painting capacity.
    Two new seabass brands are added to the line-up; shallow minnow series “Teriff” and Bay Area fishing specialized series Bay Ruf.
    2002 Product Release:
    • Bay Ruf S-80
    • Drag Metal SV
    • Hacker Jerking Minnow 075/090
    • Press Bait 115HD
    • Pureko
    • Slaver Pencil II
    • Teriff DC12
    • Tide Minnow Slim 105SSR/140
    • Tide Minnow 105LD
  8. 2003
    New products from the Tide Minnow and Bay Ruf series are introduced, escalating production. Eighty percent of the production is dedicated to saltwater products.
    OEM production is commenced.
    Hacker bass brand is discontinued.
    2003 Product Release:
    • Bay Ruf S70/R70
    • Bay Ruf V-75/90
    • Teriff DC-11
    • Tide Minnow Slim 140 Umiame
  9. 2004

    Special models within the Tide Minnow brand are developed – banded under the Flyer subbrand – to serve the needs of anglers for specialized conditions.
    Annual production quantity reaches 700,000 pieces.
    2004 Product Release:
    • Bay Ruf S50/P85
    • Press Bait 125HD
    • Tide Minnow 135 Surf
    • Tide Minnow Slim 140 Flyer
    • Tide Minnow Slim 105 Heretic
  10. 2005

    Debut of “Deep Feat” series and subsequent re-entry into trout market.
    Off-shore brand Larus Project commences with heavy sinking pencil Larus Minnow 95.
    Aimed at the sea trout market of Hokkaido, Tide Minnow Slim 175 is released, resulting in an immediate bestseller ranking.
    2005 Product Release:
    • Deep Feat 83MD/90MD/90D
    • Larus Minnow 95/34
    • Larus Twitcher 95L
    • Teriff RS-125
    • Tide Minnow 90S
    • Tide Minnow 150 Surf
    • Tide Minnow Slim 175
  11. 2006

    Purchase of additional modeling machinery to improve pace of prototype preparation.
    2006 Product Release:
    • Grace Minnow Elena 110/130
    • Larus Minnow 80/24
    • Refina 80
    • Tide Minnow 75CD
    • Tide Minnow 120 Surf
  12. 2007

    New model of Press Bait 85 is introduced. Versatile for both shore and off-shore fishing, it becomes a long seller item.
    “Harpoon” squid brand is introduced and comes to be known for its sharpness of action and longer “nose”.
    Annual production quantity reaches 800,000 pieces.
    2007 Product Release:
    • Harpoon Egimasa
    • Press Bait 85(New Model)
    • Press Bait Kamuy 110
    • Teriff DC-9
    • Tide Minnow 125/145SLD-F
    • Tide Minnow Slim Lipless
    • Tide Minnow Slim 175 Flyer
  13. 2008

    A fifteen meter pool is installed at the headquarters site for the purpose of product testing.
    Flounder brand “Beach Walker” launches with a high response sinking minnow Beach Walker 110S as the first release.
    2008 Product Release:
    • Bay Ruf SV-80
    • Beach Walker 110S
    • Grace Minnow Elena 50
    • Press Bait Fusion 90
    • Tide Minnow 125/145SLD-S
  14. 2009

    Purchase of Fanuc`s CNC scanner shortens the time needed to build high-precision prototypes.
    Debut of Bay Ruf Manic - with its original micro-vibration roll named “Manic Move” – is a sensation in the seabass market.
    Rock fishing brand “Tetra Works” is introduced via debut of four micro lures.
    Universal minnow brand “M.O.A.B.” and heavy conditions ready “Rough Trail” brands are released.
    2009 Product Release:
    • Beach Walker 90S
    • Beach Walker 100 Vib
    • Bay Ruf Manic 95
    • Grace Minnow Elena 70
    • Moab 120F
    • Rough Trail 130S
    • Press Bait Fusion Wide
    • Press Bait Fusion 70
    • Press Bait Saira
    • Tetra Works Ebikko
    • Tetra Works Toto 42S
    • Tetra Works Yurameki
    • Tetra Works Ikakko
    • Tide Minnow Slim 200
  15. 2010

    Expansion of the paint section in the headquarters facility doubles the lure painting capacity.
    The “D-Squid” brand for tip-run method is started.
    Annual production surpasses 1,000,000 pieces.
    2010 Product Release:
    • Press Bait Fusion Slim
    • Tide Minnow 75
  16. 2011

    The establishment of overseas sales department to fully service international demand.
    To further stimulate international growth, global brand “Realis” is launched.
    New trout brand “Spearhead Ryuki” is debuted with the release of Ryuki 45S and Ryuki 50S, resulting in top market share.
    2011 Product Release:
    • Beach Walker 120MD
    • D-Squid II
    • Realis Crank 48SR
    • Realis Flatside 54SR
    • Realis Pencil 110
    • Realis Spinbait 60
    • Realis Vib 62/68
    • Spearhead Ryuki 45S/50S
    • Tide Vib Slim 140
    • Tide Minnow Slim 140
    • Tide Minnow Slim 120 Flyer
    • Tide Minnow 75 Sprint
    • Tetra Works Poco Poco 40F/40S
    • Tetra Works Perakko
  17. 2012

    The purchase of HD-printer commences high resolution real print series “Nature Designs”.
    DUO Participates at both Europe`s largest trade show EFTTEX and the world’s largest trade show ICast.
    A new partnership with global fishing icon Hajime Murata is announced via Murata-helmed M Line sub brand within Realis.
    Two additional sub brands are introduced to Realis line-up - Lake Biwa centred G-Fix and shore angling game targeting Grade A.
    Collaboration with Mitsuya Hotta begins with “Beach Walker Axcion” released as the first model.
    Annual production quantity reaches 1.2 million pieces.
    2012 Product Release:
    • Bay Ruf Manic Fish
    • Beach Walker Axcion
    • Deep Feat 90MDS
    • Moab 85F
    • Next Blue Wind Yarou
    • Press Bait Fusion 115
    • Realis Jerkbait 120SP
    • Realis Minnow 80SP
    • Realis Popper 64
    • Realis Shad 59MR
    • Realis Spinbait 80
    • Spearhead Ryuki 80S
    • Tetra Works Toto 48S
    • Tide Vib Score 78
  18. 2013

    Founder Hiroshi Matsushita retires. Masahiro Adachi is appointed the new president.
    Acquisition of a second factory in Yaizu serves as the manufacturing ground for the soft bait production.
    Holding company "DDT · DUO DESIGN AND TRADING" is established.
    Japan`s top area trout brand Valkein is acquired.
    Pro`s Factory Incubator brand, originally produced at DUO, is acquired.
    The development and introduction of Spybaiting technique turns Realis Spinbait 80 into a bestseller in the US market.
    Spinbait 80 graces the cover of Bassmaster Magazine, the largest fishing magazine in the world.
    International exports increase to 40 countries via chain of 31 distributors. North America exports cover 50 stores via direct delivery.
    2013 Product Release:
    • Bay Ruf Manic 135
    • Beach Walker Fulcrum
    • Incubator Drop 75
    • Incubator Rush 60/120
    • Next Blue Whoopee
    • Realis Crank M65 8A/11A
    • Realis Jerkbait 100SP
    • Realis Pencil 85
    • Realis Rozante 63SP
    • Realis Shad 59SR/62DR
    • Realis Vib 62
    • Realis Vib 52/68 G-Fix
    • Rough Trail Aomasa 148F
    • Spearhead Ryuki 60S/70S
    • Teriff DC-7
    • Tetra Works Toto 48HS
    • Tetra Works Toto Shad
    • Tide Vib Score 68
  19. 2014

    Soft bait production line runs completely in-house with Beach Walker Haul being released as the first DUO soft bait model.
    DUO participates at Bassmaster Classics`s Expo, the largest bass fishing event in the world.
    The collaboration with Coreman via Bay Ruf Manic special color release begins.
    Release of Crank G87 20A, a deep crank diving over 6m on 12lb line.
    2014 Product Release:
    • Beach Walker Haul
    • Realis Crank G87 20A
    • Realis Crank M62 5A
    • Realis Jerkbait 110SP/100DR
    • Realis Shinmushi
    • Realis Spinbait 90/80 G-Fix
    • Rough Trail Aomasa 188F
    • Spearhead Ryuki 50F/70F
  20. 2015

    To reflect new global strategy, the brand name is changed to DUO International.
    Additional Fanuc machinery is acquired to increase the production of prototypes.
    New casting machinery is purchased to commence full in-house production of metal jigs.
    Acquisition of Logistics Center in Yaizu, Shizuoka.
    Release of the first exclusively international product, Tide Minnow Slim 200 Flyer.
    Realis Onimasu is released under baitfish oriented original design method Prometheus Project.
    Exports increase to cover 72 countries and 160 stores in USA and Canada.
    Annual production of hard baits reaches milestone of 1.7 million pieces.
    2015 Product Release:
    • Realis Cambiospin
    • Realis Spinnerbait G1
    • Rough Trail Aomasa 148S/188SF
    • Spearhead Ryuki 50MDF/70MDF
    • Tide Minnow Slim 200 Flyer
  21. 2016

    2016 Product Release:
    • Beach Walker Flipper
    • DUO x D3 Gambrel
    • Realis Crank G87 15A
    • Realis Fangbait 120DR/140DR
    • Realis Fangbait 120SR/140SR
    • Realis Jerkbait 120F
    • Realis Jerkbait 120SP Pike Limited
    • Realis Jerkbait 120SP SPX
    • Realis Ninmushi
    • Realis Onimasu 188S/F
    • Realis Pencil 110 SW Limited
    • Realis PencilPopper 110/148
    • Realis PencilPopper 110/148 SW Limited
    • Realis V-Tailshad 3"
    • Spearhead Ryuki 80S SW Limited
    • Spearhead Ryuki 95S
    • Spearhead Ryuki 95S WT (SW Limited)
    • Spearhead Ryuki Vib
    • Tetra Works Kura Kura
    • Tetra Works Spin
  22. 2017

    DUO establishes the largest lure development factory in Japan.
    2018 Product Release:
    • Realis FangPop 105
    • Realis V-Tailshad 4"
    • Realis Pencil 130
    • Realis Spin
    • Realis Koshinmushi
    • Realis Rozante 77SP
    • Beachwalker Afraid
    • Beachwalker Revolt
    • Deprive
    • Bay Ruf Manic 155
    • Bay Ruf Manic Fish 99
    • Rough Trail Max Blazin
    • Drag Metal Cast/Cast Slow/Slim
    • Tide Vib Score 100
    • Tetra Works Tetrajig
    • Tetra Works Yurapen
    • Tetra Works FuraFura
    • Tetra Works pin
    • Spearhead Ryuki 110S
  23. 2018
    2018 Product Release:
    • Realis Jerkbait 120S
    • Realis Nomase Gill
    • Realis Fangpop 120
    • Tide Minnow Slim 175SP
    • Beach Walker Wedge
    • Rough Trail Hydra 175/200
    • Rough Trail Malice 130/150
    • Rough Trail Blazin 110
    • Drag Metal Cast SSZ
    • Tetra Works Chop
    • Tetra Works Burny
    • Tetra Works Pipin
    • Tetra Works Grapper
    • Tetra Works Movvy
    • Spearhead Ryuki 38S
    • Spearhead Ryuki 50SP
  24. 2019
    2019 Product Release:
    • Realis Nomase Gill Shad
    • Realis Nomase Wakasagi
    • Realis Deka Nomase Gill
    • Realis Vibration 55/65 Nitro
    • Realis Rozante Shad 57MR
    • Realis Buzzbait
    • Realis Koninmushi
    • Realis Spinhook
    • Realis Pencil 65
    • Realis Spinbait 72 Alpha
    • Realis Jerkbait 85SP
    • Realis Fangstick 150
    • Realis Fangbait 100SR
    • Realis Fangbait 100DR
    • Realis Boostar Wake
    • Realis Wriggle Crawler
    • Beach Walker Wedge 95S
    • Beach Walker Flipper Z36
    • Beach Walker Guado 130S
    • Spearhead Ryuki Awabi Series

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