Jerremy Akiyama: Fishing shows in Japan

The beginning of the year for manufacturers in the fishing industry is the busiest time of the year with back to back fishing shows held throughout Japan. Starting with the Japan Fishing Show in Yokohama, followed by the Osaka fishing show, Nagoya (Keep cast), Sendai (Lure Festa), Niigata, Hokkaido, and so on. The shows keep going on and on. Its great fun for the anglers around each region to be able to see the latest tackle available.


Talk shows are held by various pro anglers for a more in-depth explanation on the lure development and usage. Its very interesting for the everyday anglers to hear the “behind the scenes” of how a lure is developed and tested.



For those who travel to Japan during late January or early Feb, I strongly recommend you make the effort to visit one of these shows and experience the overwhelming amount of new gear.


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