Our Quality Standard
Each DUO lure combines the preciseness of the machine with custom craftsmanship.

Attention to detail is combined with the preciseness of the machine and each DUO lure carries with it the fingerprints of tens of people's hands it goes through during the production process.

From the very first idea, the very first draft, up to the sealing of the package, DUO always sets out on a mission to push the levels of creativity, set the new standard and provide a perfect tool.

Step 1


After the ABS body forms are created, internal componentry is strategically placed. This includes specially alloy ballast, line eyes, special hooks, reflection plates, acoustics and prepared for adhesion.

Step 2


Unlike popular cost-saving bonding done by popular companies. DUO utilizes a detailed, time intensive process called “Fusing”. MEK chemical fusing is accomplished by micro fusion, which actually melts body seams together creating a stronger and water-tight unit. The bonded units are then placed in curing pin to complete a strong unitized form.

Step 3

Precision Deburring

After fusion process, the bonded body halves produce an excess in the welds called burrs. Edge finishing and precision deburring process reduces the lures rough mated area to smooth surface.

Step 4

Water Intrusion Test

To test the integrity of the adhesion, lures are water tested, immersed into hot water exceeding 70 degrees for around 20 seconds. The hot water makes the air expand within lure cavity and imperfection are detected quickly. For example leakages are identified when bubbles are produced and thereby can be rectified immediately.

Step 5

Multi-Step Painting

DUO painting is accomplished manually, one step, one layer at a time. The complexity of coating is also time intensive and expensive but necessary. DUO's staff will coat a lure between 5 to 15 layers of paint depending on the lure and its tasks. There are over 400 variations of hues available for the process. The lips of the lure are covered so they do not get affected by coloring.

Step 6


Specifically scaled templates are engineered to create tight and consistent tolerances in applying colors and patterns of colors; for example yamame spots or bluegill stripes. These masking templates can obtain intricate or simple patterns that can incorporate multiple colors if necessary.

Step 7

Eyes Insertion

Nothing is missed - even DUO's eyes are three-dimensional and carry multiple color bleeds. The detailed eyes are attached by hand after an approved quality control inspection of the lure body.

Step 8

Top Coat & Quality Control

After an additional quality control inspection has been completed, a measured clear coat is added to protect the integrity of the paint. The lures pass through multiple layers of clear coat application. Once inspection is completed lure's name is printed and sent to packaging for distribution.

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