CEO & Chief Designer
Authentic Japanese Artistry

Since its inception, DUO has forged a 20-year standard in lure manufacturing that has utilized future technologies and innovation. A company beyond its time, the DUO concept of commitment and quality is unprecedented and attained only at the highest level of execution and clearly exceeds today's perceptions.

The personification of this philosophy is DUO's CEO and chief designer, Masahiro Adachi, one of the most respected lure designers in Japan.

Masahiro Adachi's designs were first introduced in the early 90's when he shocked the lure world with his engineering. His lures were geared to hit long-range targets while producing innovative swim motion. This focal point paid off and the famed designer has remained one of the top contracts in Japan.

Adachi's designing process originates from thought but his understanding of lure action developed from studying the intricate swim behavior of live bait -fish. Mr. Adachi's philosophy of “functional beauty” means he is trying to create lures that both unify in form and function, making lures that are creatively known as “Better Than the Real One”.

Another vital element to Mr. Adachi's gift is his detailed understanding of predator fish and their biology. Adachi combines his gifted R&D process with his lure designs and academia regarding feeding constructs of predator gamefish to create function.

Adachi does not create lures in the traditional JDM way with the use of drawing and CAD. Rather, every creation begins as a carving. Adachi mentally envisions the swim-action of his lure and begins carving a design from ABS plastic. The process could be considered organic. Mr. Adachi's designs are original, sometimes so intricate that they require months to perfect.

There are many lures created by Mr. Adachi that currently influences the Japanese bass market. Many are hidden under the logo of other Japanese lure companies. What isn’t hidden is the exquisite quality and flawless action of Mr. Adachi's finished products. The integration of hand created designs and high precision digital constructs are imperative priorities for the creator, Mr. Adachi.

This approach will remain a trademark for DUO lures.

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