Fishing in Croatia: Spybaiting in Europe: Asp!


Duo Realis Spinbait 80 is minnow type lure originally made to target suspended bass in lakes, but also can be used for other fish species.


Asp (Aspius aspius) is very attractive predatory fish from the Cyprinid family that lives in European rivers and lakes. While in lakes is almost elusive with artificial lures, in rivers can be caught with several fishing techniques. Asp is sometimes compared with salmon, because it can be caught with streamers and single/double handed fly rods, like salmon somewhere at Alaska or at the other parts of the world. Of course, only a few experienced fly fishermen are using fly rods to catch this fish on our Croatian rivers like river Sava, while the many are using spin rods and minnow type lures.


Duo Realis Spinbait 80 lure is perfect for asp because it can imitate bleak (Alburnus alburnus), and bleak is its basic food. I would recommend to use this lure like any other lures made for finesse techniques. Do it simple and retrieve it slow. Do not hurry, just use the flow of the river to keep the contact with your lure. Spinbait is working all the time while it is in river, even you don’t feel much of its vibrations. Usage of medium heavy rod and reel is recommended with thinnest possible fishing braid and fluorocarbon leader of diameter 0,23 – 0,28 mm. No matter what kind of fish is your target, you should try this lure and sooner or later you will gain your confidence. Tight lines!


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