Fishing in Croatia: Chub and bugs


European chub is freshwater fish species from the Cyprinidae family, that both lives in rivers and in still waters. In rivers it can be found from the source to the mouth, even in the trout territory, but will always prefer quieter, calmer parts of the river flow. At these spots it can be noticed by the angler easily. All you need are polarized sunglasses and specially during sunny days you will see them slowly swimming near the surface of the river, often in society. Chub is omnivorous and feeds with different types of food of plant and animal origin. Therefore, is not picky as to the food. It will take different types of lures and flies, and special delicacy are insects that fall to the surface from the branches near the river bank. From these information you can conclude that Duo Shinmushi is a perfect lure for chub.



The most important rule while you are fishing, is not to be seen by the fish you would like to catch. You have to carefully and quietly move yourself near the bank of the river and throw your fly or lure to the spots where you see or expect chub. If you are not noticed by chub, it will take your lure without hesitation, but when first chub is caught, the rest from the company are gone. Than you have to move yourself to the next potential place, and to repeat all steps: stalking, be careful not to bee seen by the fish, throw your lure at the spot, catch the chub and again change the place. Surface fishing with Duo Lures Shinmushi is very funny and very similar to the dry fly fishing, that I enjoy the most.



Chub will sometimes take Shinmushi immediately after falling to the surface in standby “no moving” mode, but in the other hand will be attracted in moving mode with the specific, buzzing action Duo Shinmushi has, because of the wings and soft rubber legs. What to say at the end except that it is a different, good looking and efficient top water lure that will provide you a lot of fun, no matter do you catch bass, chub or any other type of fish predators.



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