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  • Size me up

    With the huge swell, I had little choice but to fish from high grounds. ? Thanks to the Jerkbait 120sp, it wasn’t long before I was on to this Mama.? As I couldn’t get … Read More

  • 3D perception

    So on my previous post, I mentioned how much of a difference a lure can make depending on the power and hight of the wave. With these waves breaking against the rocks, creating a … Read More

  • Markos Vidalis: Understanding the Lure

    I barely remember myself taking my first gear, a bunch of lures and go out for the big one! Well at that point “big ones” was for my 14 years of age, some sea … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Something Shallow This Way Comes

    As every creation of DUO, Terrif DC-9 is a good example of when the talent and utilitarian design are made based on a common goal: making a lure that causes any predator to bite. … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Light in Darkness – Neo Pearl Color

    In a wide range of colors and decors that are offered by DUO lures, I have to point our one – code name ACC3008, “Neo Pearl”. This color is very attractive to all type … Read More

  • One Fine Fish #5: DUO Blazin` Gold

    We received a radical new lure not long ago. It had curious fins just rear of the belly section and felt like it weighed quite abit. That lure turned out to be DUO’s latest … Read More

  • Markos Vidalis: It is all about the lure right?

    Due to my position as an editor in chief on two fishing magazines and known field tester of fishing products, I encounter very often the same question. People ask me for the best lure, … Read More

  • One Fine Fish #4: Amazonian Pacu

    Unlike countries like Japan, we are blessed to have a few indigenous freshwater predatory fish species to cast a lure at. However, like most others, anglers are not to be satisfied easily. So over … Read More

  • One Fine Fish #3: City Bassin`

    As city dwelling fishermen, at every opportunity we’d race off into the wilderness in search of the lure-munching finned variety. But not everyone is so lucky. The hectic lifestyle mean trips as such do … Read More

  • Down in Oz: Spybaiting Aussie Style part 2

    With the new technique of spybaiting being all the rage overseas and a magazine article in the pipeline, I needed to get out for some first hand experience to properly test out the Realis … Read More

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