Fishing in Croatia: Surface Madness


Bluefish surface or top water spinning is pretty similar to asp fishing with the similar type of lures. “Walk the dog” lures, streamers, metal spoon lures, unweighted silicone lures or poppers can do the work for you. Both fish are very aggressive when they feed on the surface, and they are making a lot of noise when chasing schools of small fish.



The biggest difference between this two fish, except the fact that they are living in different type of water media, are teeth. Asp must live his life and feed the fish toothless, while bluefish is armed whit sharp teeth that will bite victim with surgical precision, thereby not sparing your fluorocarbon leader. Talking about advisable top water lure for bluefish (and asp) we come to long cast ballistic perfection called Bay Ruf Manic 115.


Quiet and long flight, and an ability to be led on the surface in different ways, often will produce results. Otherwise it is recommended to lead it with tight rolling without wobbling or wide action, but for bluefish you can put in a higher speed splashing the surface of the sea and imitating a pray in a panic run. Believe me, this can trigger a school of bluefish to attack your surface lure.

Zdravko Savor


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