Rolando Cordoba: The older brother of the Tetra

We all know that Rockfishing was favored when DUO launched in 2009 what I still call “the four crown jewels.” Four micro jigs of the brand Tetra Work brought new ideas and ways of fishing around the world, and over the years become excellent tools of what we now know as Light Game.

Ebikko shrimp are medium-weight jigs, able to swim gently in low rocky waters, to attract any species regardless of size. From the Ikakko I do not think you can say something new, that is why it remains the preferred lure for fishing for horse mackerel, very effective also to use as a small scoop picking vertical or horizontal, with the advantage of being half transparent to see Like a very vulnerable small squid, and we know what that means for sea predators. The Yurameki is the heavyweight of the four. A pensil that launches very well against strong winds, sinks very fast and when it recovers, manages to move its tail delicately to any depth, and finally, the only jerkbait: the small Toto 42S. A super exquisite miniature of only 42mm long, with a short paddle that allows you to swim against strong currents in the outlets and water inlets to the bays and flats. After the success obtained and only three years later, the Toto mayor was born in 2012: Lord Toto Shad 48S.

rolando-tetra-00I remember when I started my DUO tests that I did not know every decoy very well, or when I had few results or wanted to look lower, I always made the same decision: the Toto Shad 48S. A sinking lure, very easy to handle, bright colors and ready to swim in any water, and that always got me out of trouble.rolando-tetra-01This 48mm artificial is easily immersed and its robust paddle which is almost a third of its body makes it move at any speed and although it was designed for saltwater rock species, it is able to attract as the best food to the aggressive bass and larg mount bass freshwater bass.rolando-tetra-02rolando-tetra-03There is no snook to resist when we use it in the mangrove, waiting for it to sink close to the roots to pick it up quickly, burying the paddle to raise sand or mud, like the shrimp that flees scared by the presence of the predator.rolando-tetra-04rolando-tetra-05In days of clear water, when we see movement in the hollow that forms the stream next to the pillars of some bridge, is that there are small snappers and at that time there is nothing better than throwing a Toto Shad 2-3 meters the column, wait for it to sink and recover with energy and believe me: it rarely comes out healthy.rolando-tetra-06 rolando-tetra-07I remember meeting fishermen who tried to catch the snapper using bait and they were annoyed when they saw that the snappers attacked my lure mercilessly, swallowing it many times to ensure the bite.rolando-tetra-08rolando-tetra-8AIts range of colors as is custom of DUO, is very correct although I feel – and I confess – much preference for MM Shad, which I had to replace three times. I think I would also like a dark model – better black – for cloudy days.rolando-tetra-09rolando-tetra-10In salt water the results are the same when working near the rocks, burying the paddle in the sand or with quick recovery, shaking or slow, so I can assure that they are some of the most versatile and effective DUO for almost any scenario of Fishing, which always does its job and does it well.rolando-tetra-11There is no doubt that it is lethal, because it was born lethal, and because what is already done: can not be changed.

Rolando Cordoba / International DUO Pro Staff / Bradenton, Fl. USA.


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