Fishing in Croatia: Pike season opened with Realis Jerkbait


Well spring is finally here and we are allowed to catch our beloved predator – pike again. Some will try silicone lures like minnows or twisters, and the other like me will start season with plastic lures. Sincerely, one of the best jerk-bait lure widely is Realis Jerkbait SP, no matter about what size it is: 10, 11 or 12 cm long. The main advantage of this lure is capability to be retrieved and twitched on various speeds and with different rod moves, when lure will response with nice belly reflection. If lure is stopped it will stay calm in the zone of bite. You can finely work with lure for a long time on desired place, because this suspended lure is balanced so well it can stay on the certain depth for a long period. Giving the lure the right amount of the action is the main point to success. As pike in that lake were under a pressure for last 10 days, I had to slow down a little bit. Less energy given for the lure action, longer pauses, slowly retrieving and sometimes changing the speed + searching the pike close to the lake-shore.That approach gave me several meetings with pike in a few hours of fishing, some were undecided but this one could not resist to one of the finest jerk-bait lure at all – Realis Jerkbait 120 SP in ACC3022 Sexy Shad color.

Zdravko Savor


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