New Release: Spearhead Ryuki Vib: Reach new spots; unlock new technique!

Ryuki Vib is the first non-minnow entry into the Spearhead brand. In recent years trout fishing is developing and introducing also new techniques. Vibration is now emerging as a necessary lure to capture small spots and deep areas in mountain streams. Due to the various usage Vibrations hold a special place also in trout fishing as they can be used by “lift and fall” on the upstream, slowly retrieved near the bottom at the downcross and reach places that can not be approached by minnows or spoons. 





The fins at the back of Ryuki Vib makes it quicker to rise in the water and and more easily to handle in the water. Ryuki Vib will start a new lineage in Ryuki series and will be another essential tool for trout fishermen.


Ryuki Vib will be available across the world from January 2017.


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