#96 “20 Years of DUO – Celebrating Japanese Artistry and Craftsmanship” by Masahiro Adachi


Japan is known as the mecca of craftsmanship.

We have heard and been labeled a “Land of Craftsmen” for decades but  unfortunately, the true meaning and essence of this word might have gotten lost in this fast moving modern society.

It has been 20 years since DUO has established itself in this “Land of Craftsmen”. One may think that what we manufacture is “only” a lure, but for us, it goes deeper – it is our passion, our pursuit, our vocation, our legacy.

We must protect and respect what our predecessors have built up until today and continue to base ourselves where we have started. We will continue to pass on the values of the true craftsmanship to the next generation and to the world.

This is not simply a blind allegiance to the past, it is our true duty.

As in the first two decades, DUO will continue to manufacture products that can only be made in Japan and proudly represent “Nippon Quality”.


Masahiro Adachi

CEO & Chief Designer


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