Seabass rockin in Greece by Giannis Mastrogiannakis

 Realis Jerkbait 120 SP SW Limited

As soon as I laid my hands on this lure and I read its name ‘Suspending Salt Water’, my head created several battle scenarios. From that moment on, I had realized that it would give a fresh breath to fishing my favorite European bass.

The first attempt came very soon, as I was possessed by the desire to try it, wanting to reassure the feeling I had. So one morning which seemed pointless as far as attacks were concerned, I ‘armed’ my new weapon full of confidence. I knew the fish were swimming around in the area nonetheless indolently and ignored my baits. The weather conditions were mild and the light breeze gave a soft wave to the cold winter sea.

‘Time to try’ I thought to myself and immediately I put my plan into practice. I weighed the Realis a bit before the hit for maximum charge of the fishing rod and the lure took off covering quite a few meters which positively surprised me. I quickly wrapped the spinning reel and in a few seconds I felt a slight tremor of its ergonomic tip on my rod which initiated my exploration. In no time at all the lure had positioned about 1, 5 m below the surface and towards the coast. At that point it waited patiently like a well tempered puppet for my orders, remaining stable at that depth. I wrapped again the extra meters of braid and I began the sudden jerks, giving it the energy to come alive and to begin its rhythmical course. My rod, ideal for jerk baits, with a fast tip reaction and with large strength reserves, had easy movement without tiring me.

The lure started wobbling and side rolling with every jerk, even at the slightest rod stimulation. Its wide profile, adequately designed, worked more than effectively, boosting its performance. On the one hand it captured the sun easily, giving vivid reflections during its course and on the other hand it displaced a large volume of water activating the fish’s lateral line. Sudden, rhythmical jerks, as well as the wrapping of loose fishing braid after each hit and the perfect crime had been meticulously planned.

The bait seemed to the predator like a scared little fish swimming with pauses, against the currents, baffled, always changing direction to get away from its pursuer. This course remained unchanged right up to the seashore, which caused most attacks in the particular fishing of the European bass.

The day passed pleasantly with several catches and many releases since the fish unable to resist its charm, attacked relentlessly.

The Realis Jerkbait 120SP SW LIMITED came to fill in a huge void in fishing in salty waters, pleasing the most demanding and evolving anglers.


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