Rolando Cordoba: Something Shallow This Way Comes


As every creation of DUO, Terrif DC-9 is a good example of when the talent and utilitarian design are made based on a common goal: making a lure that causes any predator to bite. Terrif is not made to catch fishermen, it`s made to do their work underwater, where it becomes a terribly deadly weapon.


It is noteworthy that with only 90 mm and weight of 15 grams, it casts better than similarly sized lures. Its simply because its weight transfer system is very efficient. It consists of two bearings (C&D) that are separated from the magnet (B ) to scroll to the bottom by the force of the cast, making a major push to achieve greater distances without much effort.

The best thing is that when it hits the water and the bearing returns to the center, the balance achieved with the counterweight (A ) located at the bottom of the front, place the center of gravity back in the exact spot for the lure to move uniquely undulating, fully horizontal.


Teriff can be worked several ways, but any way, the design of the lip ( patented by DUO ) makes it stop instantly after the reeling is stopped after which it rises slowly waiting for the atttack. After you repeat it a few times, just wait for a predator to come out and attack.

DUO Terrif

Just be careful – once you start casting this lure, it`s difficult to stop….are you afraid coming home late?


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