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I am not sure whether this applies to other fish species from around the world, but for the blackfin seabass, there is a time of year where they only take top water lures. This is mostly due to the seasonal pattern of the baitfish as well as the timing of their spawning.

Anyway, it is that time of the year and the fishing does get tough with very selective fish only taking specific lures. There is the new Realis series on the market with the Realis pencil 110 doing wonders not only in the fresh water scene but also salt.

When the bati-fish are smaller however, it is time for the Tide Pencil 100 to come out and play. With the smaller and thinner silhouette, it is very effective for those selective and spooked fish. It is also a useful lure on windy days with the small cup (like a popper) on its chin catching the water preventing it from skipping accross the surface.


This lure tends to be a long lost worrior not even on the web-page but rest assure, it certainly produces plenty of fish. If you ever happen to find one in your local tackle shop or dealer, be sure to grab one as they are as rare as they come.


Tackle Data:

Lure: DUO Tide Pencil 100
Rod: Ripple Fisher Avarice 110H (final test sample)
Reel: Twin Power 4000
Line: Sunline Castaway 20lb
Leader: Sunline System Shock Leader 40lb (Nylon)
Sun Glasses: SWANS Dee-I













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