Markos Vidalis: Meet the Purple Massacre Coloration “ADA 0046”

When I suggested DUO to create this color, I knew that the result would amaze everyone that would use it. But let’s get things from the beginning.  Why it had to be purple, right? Well, during all these years of fishing, both in shore and boat techniques, I noticed that there were times that purple color was “one way” to success. I tried to figure out why and from studying, I find out that in the coloration spectral that every color tend to disappear the deeper we go in water, purple is one of the very last to eliminate. Ok that explains why it is very effective on jigs in deep waters but why it is also so effective in shallow ones also?

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There is something on purple coloration that provokes fish to strike very much! And this has been repeated in many cases, both day and night! Asking for a red eye and a red neck, I had a bloody looking, shocked fish on its very last moments of life! Believe me, if you was a hungry fish, you would never ignore it! I still remember when I was using the first prototypes on Tide Minnow Slim 140 along with my friend Mike on a shallow rocky beach. Mike was using other colors of the same model. We were walking along a rocky beach on a sunny day, covering big distances when we found a pack of saddled breams. Normally these fish attack much smaller lures, but what turned out was that they got crazy on TMS 140 in the purple massacre color. Mike was trying out its best with other colors but nothing. He had to change to TMS 120 in order to get some strikes, and that proved the specific day, that it was the color and not the size.

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ADA 0046 is a color that will work both at night or day, during sun or clouds and in clear or muddy waters. For sure I don’t say that it is the best color you can use, because simply there is not such a thing. There are lots of parameters that make different “best color” each minute, but for sure ADA 0046 is one that you all should have with you! I have used it in many models and I have got many types of fish in different situations! I think you should give it a try, if you haven’t already!


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