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Glimmers of spring are starting to show, causing changes in the weather. The rough and wild seas are calming down, giving way to calm waters, full of reluctant pregnant fish. Large lures will barely attract the attention of predators which will indolently examine everything that enters their space.
Clear waters whose temperature will rise and will soon fill with newborn organisms starting their own journey as days go by. With these new data the angler must act differently, since the conditions have changed the data of fishing. The tiny lures take a primary role and the cases with small fighters come into the picture.


Duo Tetra Works

My fishing trips always begin with the small devil of the Terra Works line, the Toto 48HS (Heavy Sinking). An artificial, multiple potential bait, for difficult fish, in pressed by human presence fish places. Its cast is mesmerizing, making you wonder how a 4.3gr lure can cover such large distances. Its larger and flatter body (compared to the smaller model of the line Toto 42S) propels it further and gives it a course with intense side rolling, along with slight tight wobbling, even in severe currents. Its ergonomic tongue helps in this, by directing it easily even with a slow retrieval, trapping the right amount of water needed. Its special course remains unaffected to the coast, preserving it under the surface no matter how quickly we fish it. A far cast along with a fast submersion and it is only a matter of time before a catch.


More effective handling methods

Due to the quick submersion our maneuvers need to be equivalent to the seabed we are fishing in. Small side rod twitches smoothly changing into small upward jerks is the right way to go in deep to shallow waters. The whole point of these maneuvers is to initially maintain the desired depth as much as possible and to gradually move towards the coast smoothly, without jamming. We fish the same way in shallow waters, handling our rod almost upwards with small jerks.


The key to its success hides in small pauses during the maneuvers. The titled submersion towards the direction of its tail, is what irritates the predators. The sudden move backwards imitates the course of a frightened shrimp which catapults itself backwards as soon as it detects danger. That is the moment of the most attacks.


The angler must always be alert and handle the lures accordingly if he wants them to be effective. A fast action rod with power reserve is ideal for the demonstration of the many possibilities of this small lure.

Light rock fishing or Rock ‘n Roll obsessions!

So is the Light Rock Fishing technique appropriate for fishing small predators or for strong fish and Rock ‘n Roll situations. With the Duo International lures everything is possible. One try is enough to get you hooked on the magic of the Japanese perfection.
DO it DUO style and upgrade your fishing style…..
Thanks Giannis …



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