Kazuhiro Uyama: Papuan Return

I went to New Britain Island just after some heavy rains in December for shooting. In Papua New Guinea, officially there is no rainy season and dry season exactly – on the other hand randomly there are period of rain where it continues for over two weeks even.

8 kilograms of spot tail that bite into the 120DR rattle in the upper river basin. It is rare to see DR swallowed completely, but spot tail bass is different from Papuan bass in that it’s much more sensitive to turbidity and pH, so if water becomes murky I recommend rattle DR with violent jerks for reaction bite.

This is also a spot tail at the 120DR with rattles in the cloudy upstream area. This time I properly used Rattle and Non-Rattle version of Fangbait DR according to water quality and situation.

In the estuary area, the response of the black bass to FangPop 105 was good. “Beast Bone” color is one of my favorite, as especially as a surface lure visibility is also good and it is one of the recommended colors

Another black bass on FangPop 105. New color “Black Coach Dog” proven!

A prototype of FangStick entered the second year of testing. It is a large knocker type pencil bait. Lure is large, so it`s difficult to understand the size of the fish, but this is a large jungle perch at 40cm.


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