Jerremy Akiyama: magazine shoot2015

The black fin seabass season this year has been the worst it has been since I can remember. There is usually a period between December to January where the fish are reluctant to bite. I have yet to figure this out, but many say it is due to their spawning, while others say its the water temperature, bait-fish, etc. I personally doubt its the spawning as the fish caught after this period still have a pot-belly ready to spawn anyday. This leaves us with the water temperature factor and bait-fish or their lack of. Either way, many anglers in my local waters had a tough time trying to find the fish until it was March.


I have been helping develop a new rod since a couple of years ago for my sponsoring rod manufaturer and we were out testing in the field while also shooting for a one of the local magazines. Talk about bad timing to shoot for a mag or test rods.


We have changed the blank composition various times while working on different guide settings. The guide settings have given us a fair challenge with the line tangling up with some of the guides near the top….. I never imagined how difficult and important the positioning of the guides could be.?


I was fortunate enought to make contact with a number of fish and managed to land a few for the camera.


I have recently been having fun with some of the Beach Walker series even though it was originally developed for the flat-fish game fishing off the beach. With its sinking settings and amazing castability, it is a lure perfectly suited for the rough waters targeting the black fin seabass.?

I hope the lables on the package don’t dissuade you from picking them up off the shelf or out of your tackle box and rigging them up.?

Tackle Data:

Lure: DUO Tide Minnow Slim 140, Beach Walker 110s and 90s
Rod: Ripple Fisher Avarice 110H (prototype)
Reel: Stella 4000HG
Line: Sunline Castaway 20lb
Leader: Sunline System Shock Leader 35lb
Sunglasses: SWANS Dee-I


































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