Kazuhiro Uyama: Caught Cyado(Giant Snakehead) by Fangbait 120DR

1I went fishing for Cyado( Thai name of Giant Snakehead) to Thailand. The water quality was stained with the depth of about 6 feet on average. As I mentioned before, when it comes to stained water, for many people the natural choice is chartreuse, however I much more prefer red. One of the simple reason which has proven itself for me many times over the time is that red is more attractive to fish.  This is Cyado over 7kg caught by “Red Tiger” in Fangbait 120DR. The wcolor works not only on snakehead, but also in Amazon and PNG. Give it a try.2This is the SW series which was released from this year. What makes it unique is the fact that it includes rattle. I had a chance to use it first time in Thailand this time and it proved to be very effective. I chose which one to use depending on the wind and the situation of the bait.4I also tested some of the new colors for this year – one of them was “Peacock Bass ND”. By using properly with SW, you can appeal to fish more efficiently.5I have been targeting this particular fish for a while – applied color rotation and finally caught it on “Red Tiger” in 120DR. Color, sound (rattle), lure size, range, etc, just some of the thinsg to be considered when going after Cyado, one of the iconic Asian fish.6There are many tilapia in this area and many of them were actually eaten by Cyado. Cyado can chew tilapia into two pieces by its sharp teeth. I still can`t understand that Cyado only eat tail side of the tilapia and head side will be ignored. The reason of Cyado`s this habit is still being pursued now. I will report the reason if I get the answer one day.



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