The “secrets” of Malice 130 by Markos Vidalis


When you need an opinion about a jig lure, then you really have to ask a jig master. Markos Vidalis is obsessed with everything that reaches the bottom fast and target on exceptional fish like groupers, snappers etc. He got Malice for a ride once more and here are his thoughts…

Jigs are heavy metal lures that have a unique almost vertical action that is capable of irritating aggressive fish and motivate them to strike! So far so good! But this is only when fish are very active. As we all know, not all days are the same, and sometimes fish are less aggressive. In these days, a lure having a more vertical and slower action can really make a hell! Malice is a super lure, designed for many situations! It is so compact and strong that you can cast it next to the reef and get a monster GT, or cast it from the boat and right into the feeding frenzy tunas and burnout your drags. In my case, I prefer to cast it, let it sink, sometimes allow it to touch the sea floor and then start twitching it like a wounded fish, waiting for the strike! And believe me, there will be a strike! The super balanced body has excellent action and once you cast it, it can have almost same distance like a jig.

In the water it goes fast down, ignoring the currents and when you twitch, it changes completely action. It bends in front and after each twitch, it performs strong slides and rolling fall. This visual effect without noisy balls and rattles, makes it a silent killer! I enjoyed using it for snappers and groupers in the bottom, but also love to raise it to mid waters or even surface, getting many barracudas, huge needlefish and bonitos! About using it, try to twitch in a manner of wounded fish with irregular twitches. I can quarantine you that this will do the job in the “lazy” days. When fish are active, simply use it faster and you are done!


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