Trendsetter – six new colors for the legendary slim minnow

Tide Minnow Flyer

Tide Minnow, two words that several other words to mind – performance, quality, reliability and some would say slim minnow royalty.  Over the span of over the decade the Tide Minnow brand come to represent the highest standard in the saltwater fishing. 

In the recent year it has been especially the Tide Minnow Slim Flyer version which has come to dominate and since it has in recent years found its way to many new markets, we have decided to renovate and innovate and revamped the range with six new colors.

Tide Minnow Slim Flyer1

First of all,  we proudly introduce the 2nd generation of the Nature Designs colors. After the first family of “Triglia ND”, “Barracuda ND” and “Wrasse ND” caused many nightmares for saltwater roaming species, it`s time for “Mullet ND” and “Saddled Bream ND” to do the same. Patterned after two of the most common baitfish in Mediterranean, the two new ND ambassadors will surely follow in the steps of the ND pioneers. 

Tide Minnow Slim Flyer3

White pearl has for many years belonged to the staples of the Tide range and we have included a new version this time as well – its actually a well known saltwater standard “Gigo“, but with Tides slim shape it takes that much more leathal form. People have also for a long time asked us for some strong appeal color; something that cant`t be missed not matter what time of water – well, we give you “Purple Haze” – if you want to stand out in the water, hard to top that.

Tide Minnow Slim Flyer2

We have also waved goodbye to some standards like “Sayori” and “Sardine“. While we know that they will be missed, we have included a suitable replacements in “Tiranga OB” and “Sardine II“.

New Tide Minnow Slim Flyer is ready to continue setting trends with new colors from June.


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