Go Deeper, Go Brighter with new G87 colors

It has been a year since Realis Crank G87 20A has been released and changed the game for deep cranks. This is truly an epitome of what DUO is all about – pushing the boundaries in any lure catagory. With our first deep diving crank release, we offered the total package – a deep diver who truly dives to depths it claims(and beyond), casts superbly thanks to neodymium assisted magnet system and does not feel like a multihour workout when being retrieved.

The original color range came at 12 colors and this month, we are introducing three new colors to fill some of the holes – the strong contract of pearl and silver of “Prism Ivory”, “unmissable” Phoenix” and the longtime standard that is “Smokey Bone”.

Now go explore those deep waters – with G87 it`s easier than ever before.



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