Tetra Works React

The React: Makes light work of getting results!

The REACT concept is about the pursuit of lightness and response feedback in the ultra-light game. It is about creating the ultimate super light finesse rod for anglers in the ultra-light fishing game. This has been achieved by creating an easy to use design that trims off all excess materials as much as possible. Made in Japan of high quality materials, the Tetra Works REACT range of rods embody the concept of design and utility as one.

Available Models

Tetra Works REACT 50 : The shooting model

Overall Length: 5ft 0in (152cm) ■Weight: 36g (1-1/4oz) ■Packed length: 76cm (30in) ■Line: ~1.5ib ■Lure Weight: ~1g

Flexibility of rod focused at the tip for increased effectiveness for small bites

The shooting model of the range, the REACT 50 is a compact hard body rod made for an easy hook and pull in tight spaces. It is mainly for jig heads under 1g and primarily intended for small soft baits. This is a model that takes advantage of the characteristics of high-elasticity carbon, with the use of 40t for both solid parts 24t and #1 and #2. The solid part is made of 0.6mm ultra-fine solid to really let you feel the current and bite.

Blanks : Tip/24t carbon solid(260mm), Tip diameter/0.6mm, #1, #2/40t carbon specs/unsanded finish

Guide specification: TOP/T-LFTT3 #1〜#3/T-KTTG3 #4/T-KTTG3.5 #5/T-KTTG5 #6/T-ATTG10

Tetra Works REACT 55 : The technical model

Overall Length: 5ft 5in (168cm) ■Weight: 38g (1-1/3oz) ■Packed length: 84cm (33in) ■Line: ~1.5lb ■Lure Weight: ~1g

Designed for increased all-round flexibility

The React 55 is a technical rod made for those who enjoy more play with jigs under 1g. Primarily intended for use with jig heads, the REACT 55 is the most flexible of the range. The rod action has been developed to be more suitable for fish such as the horse mackerel than the conventional React 50 and 65. The taper balance has been adjusted to make the rod feel crisp before the action and when hooking the fish.

Blanks: Tip/24t carbon solid(300mm) Tip diameter/0.6mm #1/24t carbon tubular #2/30t carbon tubular Specification/unsanded finish

Guide specification : TOP/T-LFTT3 #1~#3/T-KTTG3 #4/T-KTTG3.5 #5/T-KTTG5 #6/T-ATTG10

Tetra Works REACT 65 : The versatile model

Overall Length: 6ft 5in (198cm) ■Weight: 44g (1-1/2oz) ■Packed length: 99cm (39in) ■Line: ~3ib ■Lure Weight: ~5g

Tapered to make casting easy, even with non-jig head lures.

The highly versatile 6ft 5in model has been developed to be easy to use. The REACT 65 can be used with variety, from a single jig head to a light lure or a metal jig.Both Solid 24t #1 and #2 use 40t and high modulus carbon, but the way the blank is wound has been changed so that it can handle even caroms and floats, resulting in a sticky yet sharp blank.

Blanks : Tip/24t carbon solid (330mm), Tip diameter/0.8mm, #1 and #2/40t Carbon specs/ unsanded finish

Guide specification: TOP/T-LFTT3 #1〜#5/T-KTTG3 #6/T-KTTG3.5 #7/T-KTTG5 #8/T-ATTG10

Special Points

▸ Original Skeleton Grip

An original skeleton grip designed to be lightweight and enables you to do rod work with precision.

▸ Ultra-fine Solid Tip

Features a 0.6mm solid tip with which you can feel the slightest movement. Made for superior feel response to sense even the smallest bites.


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