Realis Spin

Conquer the field! A tail-spin type lure is ready to stimulate the natural instincts of the fish.

Fishing land based or from the boat, a new tail-spin type lure is ready to search a vast area. The compact body size enables the lure to travel great distances when casting. Its classical spin-tail creates a smooth rotation while the weak rolling of the body stimulates a natural bite from the bass. The lure produces a lively pulsation of a bait while maintaining an appropriate drag for a more linear usage. It is loaded with two hooks to effectively capitalize on the short bites of the tough conditions in cold conditions.

Length 5g:30mm7g:35mm11g:38mm14g:40mm
Weight 5g,7g,11g,14g
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook Hook Eye #1


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