Press Bait Saira

A jig minnow mimicking thin bait-fish

The Press Bait Saira is a slim and long-bodied jig minnow created to mimic the thin, long bait-fish sought by Tuna and other large migratory fish species. It has a unique body design, with sufficient strength and weight for use with heavy tackle. This lure has allowed new tactics for anglers fishing on or offshore.

Length 175mm
Weight 50g
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook #1


Special Points

▸ Weighting

The lower section of the body has a semi-solid structure with weight filling all available space. The upper section of the body has an air-pocket for better action response.

▸ Internal Wire

The line-eye and front hook is part of an internal wire structure, giving the lure sufficient strength to handle large fish.

▸ Tail Hook-Eye

Due to internal structure considerations, we adopted a pin design for the tail hook-eye. The pin is made of brass, to make it stronger; however, please consider this hook-eye as auxiliary when targeting large predatory fish.

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