Drag Metal Force

Do the fall, see the flash, feel the Force!


This jig concept was born from the need for a jig to move with an effective flashing effect. With this purpose in mind, the Drag Metal Force was developed to enact a falling action with highly alluring flashing effect.


The key design element of the Force is the asymmetrical design of its body. One side is flat while the other side is convex, allowing the lure to enact an alluring falling action with the convex side down. The angular design of the convex side gives it the enhanced flashing effect that will bring the bites you need. Despite the asymmetry of the body shape, the lure is designed to maintain perfect balance during straight retrieves thanks to its relatively long and thin design.


The shape of the lure makes it easy to maintain a horizontal position. A straight retrieve will also make an alluring movement with the tail making an inviting dancing action as it moves through the water. Letting the Force fall, followed by a quick retrieve will get you bites. A straight retrieve is also easy and effective, providing that a mixture of fast and slow speeds are used without fully stopping the lure. The lure will maintain position, even at low retrieval speeds. A quick rod action makes the lure move in a crisp and dancing manner. It is the Force because it has the power to attract fish and make them bite. It will attract big ones, it will get you even small ones too. Use the Force and you will get the target you need.

Force 60g SPECS
Length 70mm
Weight 60g
Force 80g SPECS
Length 80mm
Weight 80g
Force 100g SPECS
Length 85mm
Weight 100g
Force 120g SPECS
Length 90mm
Weight 120g
Force 150g SPECS
Length 97mm
Weight 150g

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