Beach Walker Guado

The flounder finder they fear!

The Guado is a new sinking model that encapsulates all the benefits of a minnow in its streamlined profile. It is a large lure for large catches. While it can be used for many species, the Guado was especially designed for targeting large flounder. Its voluminous body avoids smaller fish and attracts the attention of the big flounder that you are targeting in a wide area.

The Guado will soar when you lance it, achieving some of best casting distance in its class. Its designed to cut through the wind and go a great distance even in unfavourable weather conditions. Two moving weights in its body help it achieve this impressive casting distance.

The lip offers another advantageous element to the Guado. A crank type lip, it gives little air resistance when cast. It enables you to use the Guado easily in shallow waters avoiding obstacles which get other lures stuck. The Guado is a highly functional package that gives anglers user friendliness and effectiveness.

Length 130mm
Weight 24g
Type Sinking (Moving Weight)
Hook #4


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