Beach Walker Flipper 32

A lure that eliminated casting distance as the blind spot

There has been a wall standing in front of the Beach Walker series designed for the flounder game. No matter how heavy or least buoyant we design a lure in the injection models, it has been physically impossible to overcome this wall standing before us called “casting distance”.

The first metal jig in its series, the “Beach Walker Flipper” will enable anglers to reach new fishing grounds.

This is a metal jig that can search a vast area efficiently and 3 dimensionally. Heavy metal jigs tend to be difficult to utilize in most situations and anglers seem to avoid using them. However, it is also a type of lure we must have in our tackle boxes.

Length 70mm / 80mm
3in / 3-1/8in
Weight 32g / 40g
1-1/8oz / 1-3/8oz
Type Sinking
Hook #8 / #6


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