Beach Walker Axcion Slim

A new slim body, a superior wide action


Created to be easily cast far by anyone, the Axcion Slim is a long, slim and heavy lure that is made to fly with little air resistance.


The tail of the long thin body makes wide swimming movement that will attract your target from a distance. The lip has been designed to be compact and minimize any contact and resistance from contact with the bottom surface. The streamlined body shape will reach casting distances of metal jigs, even by novice anglers.


The Axcion Slim is a high density flat body design that can be used in ever changing shallow surf areas. The lip blends into the face of the lure, giving it durability that is needed in case of accidental repetitive contact with rocks or the seabed. It allows the angler to keep a steady range and bring up the lure easily when necessary.

Length 105mm
Weight 33g
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook #4
Range 0.5~2.0m

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