Bay Ruf Manic Fish 88

A new generation of “Manic Move”

The lure has been designed with an ideal volume to imitate small bait-fish and weight settings to enable anglers to trace a deeper depth. This lure has gone beyond the worm pattern to prove its potential to all angers around the globe.

Manic Movement

The lure`s buoyancy, weighing, volume and body shape have been delicately adjusted. The action created by this sensitively balanced lure is a tight rolling only. There is no wobbling or sinusoidal action. The rolling action is so tight that some anglers will not even think it is moving, rest assured it leaves a vibrant wake even at the slowest of retrieval speeds.

Wake Performance

As soon as you initiate retrieve, the lure will float to the subsurface and create an exquisite wake. The tight rolling action will add a weak but unique swell in V shaped wake, appealing more efficiently to game fish.

Casting distance

By moving the hook eye from tail section of the body, the lure was left with an aerodynamic pointed end. With the heavier settings compared to the standard model, it has improved the casting distance drastically.

S-curve action

Anglers will be able to create an S-Curve action with an increased speed of retrieval. You will be able to utilize different retrieval techniques to suit your local situation and species.

Length 88mm
Weight 11g
Type Sinking(Fixed Weight)
Hook #8
Range 0-0.2


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