Gianluca Sulas

City: Carbonia

Country: Sardegna – Italy

Occupation: Fishing film maker; SWS VIDEO MAKERS Owner; H.T. Technic (

Favorite Style of Fishing: Spinning with jerk baits, Spinning Top water, spinning with silicon baits.

Favorite Target: Seabass, Bluefish, Amberjack, Dolphin Fish

Favorite DUO Lure: Tide Minnow Flyer 175/200, Tide 175 & 140, Hydra, Fangpop

Best DUO Catch: Amberjack 16 Kg, Seabass 5,4 Kg, Barracuda 6,2 Kg

What you like about DUO lures: Quality of lures, Fishing power, Innovation

When did you start fishing: 1985

Dream place for fishing: Costa Rica, Maldives


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