Markos Vidalis: The Flexibility of Weight


Weight! A force born on the same day earth created and gives it a greedy character. Weight is important on our everyday life! More weight on us make chicks go away, less attracts them, more on our clothes makes them more warm, less more comfortable and the story goes forever. So how wouldn’t be important on our lures also? And I’m not referring to the weight of normal minnows. I’m referring to some lures that do have more than too much weight and on the first impression they look useless or hard to use lures. It is true that many anglers just rely on the easy character of minnows and simply because the lip does all the hard work, they restrict their artificial bait collection on minnows. But there are so many reasons to use heavy weight lures and this is exactly why this small article was written for. Actually it won’t focus on a specific lure from the DUO range, but it will explain why DUO has so many models of almost solid weight material and why you should have some of them.


Reason one

Castability: Once a lure has a steady and big weight inside it, tends (depending the aerodynamic shape and balance of it) to have a great casting distance. The less air is trapped inside it and more solid the lure is, the casting ability grows. So when there is a need for a maximum casting distance, a smaller solid lure is absolutely more capable to reach it rather than the minnow stereotype.


Wind conditions: This is actually going hand to hand with cast ability. A Wind on our face restrains most minnows, breaking their casting position on the air and allows them to reach only a few meters. But this is sad because those conditions are often the better ones for fishing right? And what about side wind? This is another headache! Side wind usually never allow us to cast our lure exactly where we want and gives a big curve on our line, making the control of the lure and setting the hook instantly, almost impossible. But this is only on normal minnows since heavy solid lures don’t have any of these problems. They do cast perfectly against wind and their heavy weight limits amazingly the curve on side winds, giving us perfect control.


Depth: Who said that all fish are near surface or only on shallow waters? And who can deny that there are some days that fish stay on lower sea levels that normal minnows just can’t reach! There, the heavier lures can go easily and except our normal fish targets, they can “unlock” other fish species that normally was out of our minnow range. But weight can also be adopted by top waters or pencil lures that even if without move are sinking like stones, once you use them, they can crawl on the surface or slightly under it and by taking advantage of the great cast, make the difference.



Concluding, heavy solid lures not only must be always in our lure case, but in some cases they are “one way road” to success. Some that you should go and take a look right now are: Bay Ruf Manic, Larus Minnow, Press Bait Saira, Press Bait Kamuy series, Press Bait Fusion series, Tide Vib Slim



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