Markos Vidalis: It is all about the lure right?

Due to my position as an editor in chief on two fishing magazines and known field tester of fishing products, I encounter very often the same question. People ask me for the best lure, my favorite lure, and generally a lure that can catch fish in every place and on every condition. So picture this! You ask someone that you believe he has the answer of your dreams, and you wait for it like the desert plant a drop of water. But when you have to hear that there is no such thing like the perfect lure, the whole world falls from your feet. Some people think I know and I don’t want to share my secret while others get disappointed. But hey, guys, let’s get realistic for a little! There cannot be a perfect lure! A lure for all circumstances, a lure that can trick every predator, and for sure there are far more things than cast and retrieve a lure and expect your drags to scream! What I’m talking about is simple!  Do you know your lures, each one of them? Are you familiar with their very personal character? Are you the type of angler that buy a lure and the very next day goes straight for fishing? How right might this be? Well in this article I’m gonna share with you my very personal three rules.


Rule number one: To know us better!
Every time I acquire a new lure, my first action is to go down to the nearest port which in my case is only 400 meters from my house and make it introduce itself to me! I cast it in very calm spots with clear waters and start to experiment on it, all the known techniques of spinning. I twitch, I retrieve steadily, and then I focus on its move with slow and fast speed and try to print in the back of my brain how it acts separately or in combination with other commands. I also have to make sure to understand in which commands or speed it doesn’t act well. Something very important is the depth it swims and how I can adjust it by changing the position of the tip of my rod. When I have the whole picture then I know for which fish and conditions it would be best suited.


Rule number two: Breaking the habit!
Are you the type of angler that goes for fishing with a handful of lures and mostly uses the one that once got a decent fish with it? Well don’t be! In this case you are gonna have to reboot your brain angling system! Why?  Well yes it is not bad to use a lure you trust, but this is something that keeps you away from your evolution as an angler! Do you use different type of lures? Have you ever used a popper in the very same place you usually get your fish with minnows? In few words have you ever try a breakthrough behavior in your usual fishing spots. This will reveal to you some parameters that you never even think of! The worst it can happen is simply nothing, but the best is far more lucrative than you expect.


Rule number three: The more the better!
Here we are going to share women’s annoying habit that doesn’t want to wear twice the same dress. Well it has a connection with the rule number two, but especially when you visit a new place or your usual one, don’t stick with your favorite lure snagged constantly on your leader clip! The more lures you are going to “get wet” the best! This is my first advise I give to people that ask for my help. If you ask me about how many lures I might use in one single fishing day, the number is always between 15 the less to 73 which is the most I have ever tried. This shows also that you should never quit trying, and always try to find where the fish will strike. It has happened countless times, in a random change of lure, (color or type) and the action begins!

Closing this article, I wanted you to pay attention that all of your lures have their day and moment, and you have to figure out when it is! DUO lures are great, innovative and top quality! There are many examples of anglers in my country that even inexperienced ones, managed to get trophy fish with minimum effort with them! But even lures of this class demand to be understand and learned! Besides, if a lure is so effective by its own, imagine how deadly it can become in the hands of someone that knows them very well. Remember! The good angler is not on the “easy days” in which everybody gets fish! The good angler is the one who gets fish when nobody else can! 😉
For DUO and for anglers all around the globe!
Markos Vidalis


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