Kazuhiro Uyama: Beasts & Dragons

I went to New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea again in July 2018. It was heavy rain just a day before arrival, so the condition of the water was at its worst. Still, I managed to catch a few beasts somehow.

Due to heavy raining turbidity was heavy and the reaction of the spot tail was bad. The picture is a good size spot that I caught at Fangbait 120DR at last. “Dragon Z” is a really strong and recommended color in a situation with turbidity!

This is an over 30 lb big bass that was also caught on “Dragon Z”. For a fish over 30lb, Papuan Bass always offers fascinating fight and for a freshwater fish no less, I think it`s safe to say that this is some of the ultimate fishing.

Black bass that hit FangPop 120 in the estuary area. “Black Bone” color is a classic color in salt water.

A pot that could not resists some “Juliana Pink” in FangPop 120, one of the new colors. is a spot that hit FangPop 120 of the new color Juliana PINK. Due to deterioration of water quality, this was the only spot that came up for popper.

Finally, finish with Dragon-Z, which is strong against turbidity. If you go for the PNG bass, this must be for sure one of the colors to bring!


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