Jerremy Akiyama: Kingfish almost started

With the cold fronts rolling in, its about that time of year. The sleepless days begin with the endless pursuit of the Land-based Yellow-tail or Kingfish season starting in my local waters.?

Once the baitfish come in close to shore, it isn’t long before the Yellow-tails are on to them for an easy feed. With the 20~30 cm baitfish coming in, its time for the Aomasa 188 to do the job.?

I had been busted off at this same point last year so hoping to get revenge this time round. I managed to get a few bites but only capitalized on one….. It looks like I had lost the touch and miss-hooked them all…..


I was ready for big week, but unfortunately, it was a premature start with little to no results for the following week….. Its a not easy trying to catch these blue-runners but this is probably why I am so hooked.?

Tackle Data:?

Lure: Rough Trail Aomasa 188
Rod: Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 911
Reel: Saltiga 4500
Line: Sunline Castaway Monster Battle 60lb
Leader: Sunline System Shock Leader 80lb





















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