Spybaiting Essential Vol.2: The Breakdown(Video)

In 2013, 2014 Several tournaments were won Spybaiting. In late 2014 at the Bassmaster Northern Open Lake St. Clair A champion was crowned Spybaiting the entire 3 days. He carried a four pound average to the scales.  It didn’t stop their many regional anglers cashed checks employing Realis Spinbaits and Spybaitng. In 2016, 3 FLW professional series wins were credited to Duo Realis Spinbaits and the Spybaiting technique.

Spybaiting, the technique of silent capture is also being used on international bass circuits in Japan, South Africa, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico and more.  Although it is an ultra-finesse technique it is also known as a big fish technique. Professional Angler Wayne Macklin finished in 9th place in a Bassmaster Open event. His 3 day total exceeded 54 pounds of smallmouth.  ” I used spybaiting to up grade my limit”. Scott Dobson 2016 FLW Champion reported. Spybaiting is a big fish technique. Scott has caught many smallmouth bass over 5 pounds. Western trophy hunter Mike Stiles won a tournament with two 10 pound largemouth who fell for the finesse technique proving its big fish potential.

DUO International hopes the video will provided detailed insight into  the ultra finesse technique.

You can also learn more about Spybaiting via http://spybaiting.com/


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