Realis Nomase Wakasagi

Solid performance with smooth moves!

The Realis Nomase Wakasagi is a game changer and a much needed addition to the Nomase series of soft vibration lures. It is a soft bait with a metal core that gives the angler the ability to maneuver and control the lure in a way that cannot be done with standard soft baits. The body is made of durable Elastomer, giving it flexibility and agility for a natural movement in the water that hard baits cannot match. The feature that makes the Wakasago unique is its elongated body designed to enable a more fluid natural motion. The Nomase Wakasagi uses a snagless single hook that is provided with the lure that is designed to be used on the back line eye. When necessary, the lure can be fitted with a treble hook as well. You have to try this one, the Wakasagi`s a winner!

Length 90mm
Weight 11.5g
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook Single Snagless Hook


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