Tide Minnow 145 SLD-S

Incomparable Castability

A seabass lure’s castability not only gives a great advantage to the angler, but also is an important factor for keeping up his motivation. The Tide-Minnow SLD series was developed as a slim-type, long distance model, with castability as the top priority. The 145SLD is best used along the open coastline with breaking surf and outlying rocks. The strong ‘wobble and roll’ action not only appeals to the game fish more, but also allows anglers to judge the movement of the water, making it a great pilot lure for covering an extensive area.

Length 145mm
Weight 22.5g
Type Sinking (Moving Weight)
Hook #4
Range 0.8~1.1m

Special Points

▸ Weighting

Three slightly smaller tungsten balls are used for the moving weight system, allowing for greater range of motion as well as a lower center of gravity.

▸ Thick Stomach Wall

The resin wall of the belly area is made twice as thick as usual, further lowering the lure’s center of gravity and thereby allowing for more stable casting and action.

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