Spearhead Ryuki 110S SW Limited

Ryuki’s saltwater takeover continues

A new type of longship joins the expanding Spearhead Ryuki fleet. Armed with high performance Decoy hooks, the Ryuki 110S SW is designed to take you further in the open seas. The 110S SW complements the existing range by allowing you to target species that would be difficult with smaller models.

The semi-long lip drives the 110S SW in the flow. High level swimming performance in strong currents is achieved through a flat-side body with a low center of gravity and a fixed weight. Its response is second to none and can handle consecutive twitching through rod work.

The 110S SW does not lose casting performance because of its larger size. With perfectly designed proportions of height to length and width, the 110S SW gives top of the range castability, rivaling moving weight models.

Length 110mm
Weight 21g
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook #6
Range 0.8~1.2m


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