Rough Trail Aomasa 188F

A new era has started for the injection modeling

The distinctive body design and style of DUO has been infused into the next generation diving pencil “Rough Trail Aomasa”, with the help of the best injection molding technology in the world.

Since the release of the first 148F model in 2013, a whole year has passed and the long awaited 188F is ready to be launched. In contrast with the dynamic image of the field, our field staff have gone through countless samples of the sensitive lure development to come up with the action performance even the most hard-core expert anglers will be pleased to see. With the increase in size of the Aomasa 188F, the strength of the body has also been upgraded for angler to be able to go head to head with Tuna, Kingfish and other pelagic species.

Length 188mm
Weight 68g
Type Floating (Fixed Weight)
Range 0~0.2m


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