Press Bait Fusion 90

An innovative fusion of realism, castability and swimming action

The Press Bait Fusion is a lure with castability rivaling a metal jig, a ‘spoon-like’ swimming action and a realistic look difficult to achieve with metal construction. Heavy weight and rear-heavy balance gives this lure a great carry distance and quick sinking speed. During retrieval, it swims swinging its tail side-to-side with the line-eye as the pivot.
The Press Bait Fusion 90 has sufficient weight so that the angler can fish a wide range of depth using both the ‘bottom drifting’ technique or simply retrieving. It attracts a wide variety of species on or offshore.

Length 90mm
Weight 31g
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook #2

Special Points

▸ Rear-Heavy Balance and Asymmetrical Body

The body is asymmetrical and rear-heavy to produce a ‘spoon’ like swimming action and great castability.

▸ Weighting

A heavy weight occupies all available inner space of this lure.

▸ Internal Wire

The internal wire structure extends to all ‘eyes’, giving the angler peace of mind targeting large migratory fish on or offshore.

▸ Belly Eye

The belly eye reduces air resistance when casting and does not interfere with action while retrieving.

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