Beach Walker Haul Fish

Finesse approach in pressured conditions

Preserving the ultimate efficiency reputation of hard baits, DUO’s soft bait line has been initiated with Beach Walker Haul. The intention was to make a lure focusing on user-friendliness not only via the superior castability, but also by developing an original rigging system and integrating basic performance improvements like the hooking system and range control; allowing the lure to appeal to variety of species around the world.

The pintail of the Haul Fish will subtly vibrate as soon as you pick one up with your hands. This subtle vibration, unable to achieve in shad tail soft plastics, exerts its potential in high pressure zones or over fished areas. Anglers can rotate the Haul Fish with the Shad tail and should experience a distinctive increase in your catches.

Length 100mm
Pieces 5


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