Giuseppe Fantini

City: Ventimiglia

Country: ITALY

Occupation: Tradesman

Favorite Style of Fishing: Saltwater spinning and heavy spinning from shore, shore jigging.

Favorite DUO Lure: Press Bait Saira, Tide Minnow Slim 175 FLYER

Best DUO Catch: A 8.5kg Amberjack from shore last year

What you like about DUO lures: Cast-ability, action performance, durability of painting, attention to detail(body and eye), choice of colors, the possibility to personalise the swimming in many type of lure (Press Bait series/Rough Trail Aomasa, Tide Minnow Slim series)

When did you start fishing: More or less when I was 10 years

Dream place for fishing: Tokara island from shore, Amazon river for peacock.


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